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500M Line Fishing Line 6LB to 120LB

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Here's the truth - most people are not using the right fishing line.

  • Braided Line IS The Superior Fishing Line: monofilament line doesn't stand a chance...
  • Increased Line Sensitivity With Braided Line: you will feel every bite on the other end...
  • Why 547 Yards Of Line Is The Perfect Amount: we want you to have plenty of line for any fishing situation...

If you've struggled with your fishing line, if you're having a tough time feeling "bites", or if you're used to line that snaps under almost any stress; then you have come to the right place. Here's why...

High-Strength & Ultra Sensitive 4-Strand Braid:

Each line is constructed with 4 individual strands that make this braided line stronger and more sensitive than standard monofilament line. Feel even the slightest of nibbles from fish checking out your bait. In addition, each line diameter is in fact smaller than monofilament line and can cut through water with ease.

Higher Hook Set Rate:

Setting the hook properly is a skill all anglers strive to master. Improving your hook set rate rate will drastically increase the amount of fish you catch. With braided fishing line you do not need to set the hook nearly as hard. A slight sweeping movement is almost guaranteed to do the trick and land you more fish.

Low Memory:

As line sits on a spool it can develop curls or increase "memory" which will lead to more knots and tangles while reducing the casting distance. Braided line has a much lower memory when compared to that of monofilament line so you can worry less about tangles and interruptions.

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500M Line Fishing Line 6LB to 120LB

$24.99 USD - $43.94 USD


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