Copper Spring Shoal Fishing Net - Fish Trap

Copper Spring Shoal Fishing Net

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This is a newly designed fish trap net and tested by many fisherman as the review will prove.

Right priced item and easy to use.

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1.Put your bait in the copper spring.

2.The net is always floating around the bait.  

3.The fish will be caught while it touches the net.

4.Perfect for shoal 5.2 pcs, Luminous beads reminds you.  

Maximum capacity: 1m lenght fish size 3 = 1.5*1.5cm mesh size 4 = 2cm*2cm mesh size 5 = 2.5*2.5cm mesh size 6 = 3cm*3cm mesh size 7 = 3.5*3.5cm mesh . . . size 11 = 5.5*5.5cm mesh size 12 = 6cm*6cm mesh