Automatic Hand Washing Water Pump - Fish Trap

Automatic Hand Washing Water Pump

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Full Waterproof Charge Automatic Fishing Hand Washer

Total Convenience and Portability in one go. Make life easier and more convenient by adding this amazing rechargeable water pump to your fishing gear. 

Product Parameter:

Power: 5W

Color: Green / Red

Model:Waterproof / Non waterproof

Material: ABS engineering plastics / aluminum alloy

Water flow: 1.1 liters / min.

Battery capacity: 2400MA / 4800MA

Charge time: about 6 hours

Use time: about 8 hours

Water absorption height: less than 3 meters

Waterproof grade: IPX6

Hose length: 3 meters

Weight(with box): 409 grams / 412 grams