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Universal Angle Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder - Fish Trap

Universal Angle Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder

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  • High Strength Universal Angle Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder Anti-corrosion Fishing Rod Support Stand Fishing Tool Accessories
  • Item: Universal Fishing Rod Holder
  • Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic Rubber
  • 2 ​Designs - A / B  NB:  A - Manual Adjustable Screw  B - Auto/Manual Adjustable Screw


  • Made of High Strength Aluminium Alloy Mount and Anti-corrosion Painted Fork Stand, Detachable Design.
  • The Bracket has 2 Sizes, Fit for Big Sea Fishing Rods and Small Hand Fishing Rods, too.
  • The Rubber Cover will Protect the Fishing Rod from Collisions.
  • You can Adjust the Angle by Turning the Screw Up and Down.
NB:  Only Difference Between Type A and Type B is the Design of Angle Adjusting Screw.
Fit for Outdoor Sea Beach Fishing, River Lake Bank Fishing, Pond Fishing.