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Pure Cork Candle Fishing Net - Fish Trap

Pure Cork Candle Fishing Net

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(NEW) Pure Cork Handle Fishing Landing Net

Why Pay More for a Lower Quality Product?

Fish Trapp's vision is to bring you high quality products without making you break the bank. We couldn't understand why you had to pay so much for name brand products. We wanted to provide you with Premium products without the retail mark ups. This way we can get you high quality products at nearly half the price of other premium brands.

High Quality Aluminum Frame makes the Fishtrapp Net Durable Under All Circumstances.

- Rubber Coated Anti-Snag Netting

Great for Quick and Easy Catch and Release. Won't harm the fish. 

- Safety Lanyard 

There to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Trout Fishing Net.

- 6" Floating Cork Handle

Fit's perfectly in your hand and floats.

Protect your Catch and your Investment.

- 16" L x 10" W x 14" D

Big enough to grab the Monsters. 

- Flat Bottom Netting

Easily measure the length of your catch.

- Long lasting

Rubber coating makes sure your netting won't mold.

This Fishing Net that Comes with Everything You Want. No Need to Make Multiple Purchases at Higher Cost. Kayak Fishing Net. Fly Fishing Nets.